March 15th, 2010


Devon Rex

I wouldn't count Devon Rex as one of my favorite cat breeds. Bengal, Birman, Ragdoll, Maine Coon and Munchkin - those are some of the breeds I go goo-goo-gah-gah for.

Unfortunately the SO is mildly allergic to cats - ie. he gets hayfever symptoms when in their vicinity or welts up badly if they scratch him. When we stayed with bankevair, he had to take anti-hestamines to curb the worst of the symptoms.

So I've had to give up on the idea of ever having a cat, since I refuse to have roaming cats. Cats should stay indoors, lest they contribute to killing the native fauna.

But on meeting ainead's furkids Fu and Willow, I am quite taken. They're not as furless as I imagined them to be. Their fur is like a soft cushy felt texture and doesn't come off the way long-haired cats do.

And best thing?

Me: "Sooooo... any allergic reaction to the cats?"
The SO: "Nope. Nothing."
Me: *grin*
The SO: "... no. We're not getting a cat."

Hmmmm... we shall see.
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Finally finished processing my photos from the shoot. Still have the SO's to go, but at least they'll have a CD of some tomorrow.
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