January 27th, 2009


Camping on Stradbroke Island

The SO and his friend from uni decided some weeks ago to go camping together over the Australia Day weekend. When the SO brought it up, I was extremely sceptical. The idea of camping brought up visions of digging a hole for a toilet, being eaten alive by mosquitoes, checking shoes for wildlife that wanted to take up permanent residence and not having enough water to have a shower.

Did I mention I'm a drama-queen? (^_-)-☆

The SO hadn't gone camping in years and the only thing we had in the way of gear was a sleeping bag. The SO's friend made all the bookings, instructed us to just get our tent and promised he and his partner would take care of most of the camping gear.

The 45 minute ferry trip included each of our little cars,
which was the best decision ever made.
We probably couldn't have done half as much without them.

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The weekend was beyond awesome! Despite the biting horseflies and everyone getting sunburnt from putting up the tents (except me), all we did was swim in the ocean, eat, talk and drink beer/wine. Camping wasn't roughing it as much as I initially thought it would involved: amenities included hot water for showers, clean toilets, fresh drinking water, ice deliveries every morning, etc.

Now I dream about planning a better camping trip and being more prepared.