March 23rd, 2008


Mt Nebo

Driving with no real idea where we were going, landed us up at Mt Nebo. At least it wasn't as far away as Noosa or the Gold Coast.

Walking through random trails, we learnt apparently people don't read signboards. Seriously, if you're going to walk down a trail, shouldn't you look at the sign to see where it goes?

I thank the Heavens my dad used to take us out nature walking and creature watching all the time as a kid. Being able to stand still and unfurl the ears to the faintest of calls, open the eyes to the gentlest of rustles, free the nose to the murmured perfume... soak up the forest and everything in it - it's a gift to treasure a lifetime.

It sucks that even though you're surrounded by the most gorgeous luscious moss-covered trees, you can still hear the screams of motorcycles and growls of cars zooming somewhere nearby. Horribly nearby. No wonder the only birdsong we could hear sounded so far away.
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