March 20th, 2008


A little light reading / LJ content strike

The Good Friday/Easter weekend fast approaches. Time to catch up on a little reading...

Word is spreading fast regarding the LJ content strike by beckyzoole. This is in response to the removal of basic accounts (free) - although I found the lack of communication prior to implementation more disturbing. Doesn't the announcement sound like something from a presidential speechwriter?
More articles here.

Original creators brad and danahboyd are pissed with the decision. And understandably so. But obviously the power to make executive decision now lay in other hands.

Although Livejournal has apologised for the lack of communication, the damage has been done. Will it only be a matter of time before disenchanted LJ users archive their LJs and move to other pastures? Perhaps...

This LJ began in 2001 as a free basic account.
Most of the communities and friends this LJ is linked to are free basic accounts.
Without them, there would be no content to share in this social networking platform.

If you're interested in the strike times applicable to you, there's a list available.
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