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Gmarket Global Haul reveal v2.3

The seller 더미니스킨 tester samples. I picked up the:

  • Skin79 Super BB Cream Gold (code SS02) x20pc.

    Skin79 has 2 very popular blemish balms and there are reviews galore on both. Surprisingly I found most prefered the pink version, but the seller ran out of stock of that version. Nonetheless I found the fold version really smooth and a good match compared to the other BB creams I've tried.

  • Skin Food Agave Cactus Serum (SF48) x50pc.

    Skin Food's agave range capitalises on the anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties of the cactus. It's a little stickier than I expected, but it dries off clear - whereas if you tried to do the same with a stick of fresh aloe, your skin will be left with a green tinge.
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