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Green Hornet

Thanks to FourThousand and Sony (you guys are awesome!), I won 1 of the 5 double movie passes to watch the movie Green Hornet.

I'll be honest: I'm not a huge Seth Rogen or Jay Chou fan. However, I remember watching the television series reruns with Bruce Lee as Kato back as a child. Now that is history for you.

If you like action, this movie has tonnes of it. Lots of explosions, kick ass martial arts moves and people getting squished, but not a lot of blood.

If you like a plot, this one is fairly simple:
  1. Britt Reid (Rogen) is a spoilt brat dickhead who hates his newspaper publisher dad
  2. Who decides to turn vigilante because it would be cool
  3. And re-hires his dad's mechanic (Chou) because he cannot live without his coffee-arted coffee

Oh, and there's a girl in it too.

Not a bad flick to catch if you wanna watch something that doesn't require too many brain cells and you have a lust for smooth karate moves.

The star of the movie though, is Black Beauty. Gorgeous, slick, sexy and deadly. The perfect hunk of metal.

I did burst into giggles when Jay Chou's song '雙截棍' came up during the credits. That song is from 2001, back when he was all the rage and his 范特西 album was on everyone's playlist in school. It had me humming along and 哼哼哈兮-ing.

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