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Saké Restaurant & Bar @ Brisbane

One of the conference speakers recommended I check out Saké Restaurant & Bar, so I dragged the SO there as part of his celebratory meal I owed him months ago for his work promotion.

Saké has gorgeous décor - dark woods matched with glass, their restaurant window overlooking the Story Bridge. We were seated at a table for 2, our seats positioned at the table corner, which I particularly enjoyed. It allowed us to converse with each other comfortably, yet watch the coming and goings of the restaurant.

Expect impeccable service and a very decent selection of sakes. The two we tried - a sweet and a dry - were delicious, though the glassware they were served in made tipping back the last drops tricky. Since it was a school night, we forwent the cocktails, which are rumoured to be very yummy.

Food-wise, the flavours are rich and delightful, with the exception of the ocean trout. I found it too bland in contrast to the other dishes we ordered, which is a shame.

Salt and pepper tofu
Salt and pepper tofu

Sashimi appetizer
Sashimi appetizer of kingfish, ocean trout and snapper

Ocean Trout
Ocean Trout
Pan-seared ocean trout served with
sweet-pea purée & Asian mushrooms tossed in butter soy

Miso marinated butterfish grilled with pickled radish

Loved loved loved the butterfish.
The miso is strong and sweet, complementing the firm butterfish flesh

Other popular dishes we noted other patrons were having included the steamed prawn dumplings (Chinese-inspired shumai with spicy ponzu) and the sashimi combo.

Bottom line: Excellent modern Japanese restaurant for a special occassion.

Saké Restaurant & Bar
Level 1, 45 Eagle St, Eagle Street Pier
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Tel: +61 7 3339 0999

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