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BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market

When I got word about the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market, I dragged ainead with me to King George Square after work to go on a looksie.

BIIIIIIG mistake.

We went gushing from stall to stall - jewellery, bags, headbands, dolls, tea cups, diaper cakes, etc. As the sun set, the stalls each turned on their lights - camping lanterns or fairy lights. The square was positively buzzing with people - it was fantastic!

And you didn't think we'd come away empty-handed, would you? Tree Party Design had this gorgeous selection of wood brooches from Alice in Wonderland - Alice with a bottle of 'Drink Me', Alice carrying the baby pig, the Red Queen, Alice and the Red Queen playing flamingo croquet. Three brooches were $30 - so ainead picked a gorgeous little blue bird and I had to have these.

Aren't they gorgeous? I want more!
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