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Christmas cards

It's been awhile since I pulled out the papercraft tub to make greeting cards. It's become somewhat of an annual tradition - before Christmas, I will make a stash of cards for a variety of purposes: Christmas, birthdays, well-wishes and generic ones.

Now it might actually be more expensive for me to make these cards than to spend the $5-7 per card at the newsagent - what with the cost of inks, stamps, adhesives, decorative papers, punches, eyelets, embellishments, etc. But it is strangely therapeutic to sit at my desk, cutting board surrounded by various tools and finger something like a piece of card or ribbon, waiting for inspiration to hit.

And when it does, the world disappears. All that matters is this creation for someone I will want to reach out to in the near future. I might not know who that person will be - but I know it'll be someone who matters very much to me.

So if you receive one of my cards, know that the past 'me' made them with the future 'you' in mind.
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