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Farm Fresh Central: Box 3

It's our 3rd Farm Fresh Central small mixed box!

  • Asparagus x1 bunch
  • Beans x1 bag
  • Broccoli x1
  • Carrot x3
  • Corn x2
  • Potato x1 bag (baby and washed)
  • Mushrooms x10
  • Onion (red) x3
  • Rocket leaves x1 box
  • Tomato x 6
  • Zucchini x1
  • Iceberg lettuce x1
  • Apple x6
  • Avocado x1
  • Bananas x4
  • Kiwi x2
  • Pineapple xhalf
  • Orange x4

I'm starting to think the $30 box could last us a week and a half. I've had to throw out a banana as it got overripe by the time we got round to eating it.

However a great way to use as many vegetables as you can is to throw a birthday party and make a whole bunch of salads. We invited a couple of friends over to celebrate the SO's birthday and I made:
  • bruschetta styled salsa (tomatoes, onion, cucumber and lemon juice)
  • guacamole (2 avacadoes, onion, olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper)
  • potato salad (potato, mayonnaise)
  • boiled corn
  • carrot and celery sticks with hummus
  • romaine lettuce with other salad leaves to go with the best sesame salad dressing known to man. (^_~)-☆

That still hasn't put a dent in our growing collection of oranges though.
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