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Pintxo Spanish Taperia @ New Farm 
19th-Sep-2010 08:03 pm

After a mad week of running around like a headless chicken for work, it was a very welcome change to sit down with friends at an eatery that we've been wanting to visit for awhile (ie. everytime we've walked past).

Pintxo (pronounced Pin-cho) has two dining areas - the traditional 'sit-down at a table for your meal' section and the sushi train style bar. We opted for the train, which wasn't busy and had a relaxed atomsphere. Besides, I love having my dinner paraded in front of me. (^__^)

And for the ladies, bag hooks under the bar for each seat is a greatly appreciated detail.

What is Spanish food without sangria? The boys decided to share a litre bottle (AUD 30) between themselves, while we girls stole a sip each. The sangria is apparently only 9%, but it packed a punch!

Unlike many sushi trains which loop through a window into the kitchen, Pintxo's tapas train is manually topped up by its wait staff, who scuttle out with the little coloured plates of both cold and warm bite-sized morsels.

The tapas selection on the train did wane through the evening, so we ordered from the menu (view here). The wait staff were really patient and gracious with our random order of one tapas at a time.

I highly recommend:
  • the Scallops al Vinas (perfectly cooked juicy scallops - we had 2 serves)
  • the Chorizo (watch out for juice squirts when you bite in)
  • the Calamares Fritas (especially when they're fresh from the kitchen - we pounced on them like hungry hyenas)

Our friend on the other hand, loved the meatballs and wanted to suck up the tomato sauce.

That's how much we ate between 4 people and the bill came to AUD$116 (that includes the sangria). Possibly not as impressive as some sushi train escapades we've had, but it was pretty late and the conversation had been flowing.

And yes, we did organise the plates according to their colour, cuz we're pedandic and possibly a little OCD. (^_~)-☆

Pintxo Spanish Taperia
561 Brunswick Street
New Farm, QLD 4005
Tel: +61 7 3333 2231

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20th-Sep-2010 12:52 pm (UTC)
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