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Food Connect: Box 4

In this week's Food Connect mini box:

  • Avocado x1
  • Califlower x1
  • Carrots x1
  • Leeks x2 stalks
  • Lettuce x1
  • Ming bean sprouts x1 box
  • Potatoes x3
  • Radish x2
  • Sweet Potatoes x2
  • Tomatoes x4
  • Apples x2
  • Bananas x3
  • Mandarins x1
  • Oranges x1
  • Strawberries x8

Not entirely sure how to use mung bean sprouts, I made a quick salad and tossed some in. They are amazingly crunchy! I could definitely get used to having them around more often at our dinner table.

This is unfortunately the last week we have with Food Connect. We could easily become long-term subscribers and I can understand how subscribers become fervent supporters of this enterprise. It is not often a supplier makes the tangible effort to connect with its customers on more than the product level and this is possibly one of the most enjoyable purchase I've had. I have no doubt we'll be back soon to try out the other products Food Connect have to offer.

However, this is a challenge and I do have another contender to evaluate: Farm Fresh Central

Do you have a fruit and vegetable box supplier to recommend?
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