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Pyrophone Jaggernaut

Let's get this fire started...

You've got to be a little crazy and a little bit genius to create the kind of things Steve Langton from Hubbub Music does. Based in Reesville up on the Sunshine Coast, he gives things from the scrap heap a new lease of life as musical instruments/structures.

Brought in to be a part of the Valley Fiesta, the Pyrophone Jaggernaut is the largest, hand-operated, multi-octave fire organ in the world. It is made completely from reclaimed industrial materials and salvage. And in case, you're wondering - the flames shoot up to 15 metres.

While I found two of the songs a little slow, the music is amazing and rumbles your core with its vibrations - literally.

Watch their performance. The video does not do the music justice, but wait for the end.

For those who want to play with his creations, Steve has installed a black Bambu-Ban in the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens. Watch how it can be played. Sorry, but no fire there.
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