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Kimchi and pork belly lunch

How long has it been since I shared a photo of my lunch?

Possibly not long enough, especially after I bought the BIGGEST jar of kimchi from a grocery shop in the city for $12 several weeks ago. In fact, I know the exact date I bought it, cuz a friend shared a kimchi noodle recipe that I simply had to try and immediately went out to get said kimchi. It is taking me FOREVER to get through the container, but it is awesome to feel my mouth burn like a house on fire (haha) with every mouthful.

Did I also mention that we bought 2 massive pieces of pork belly from Super Butcher for AUD$5 per kg? The SO roasted half of one on the BBQ, setting it on spectacular fire - so spectacular, he burned his forearm trying to get it off the roasting rack from the radiated heat- and I braised the other half.
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