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Are we now descending into the vigilante mob?

While enough's been said about the recent ladyironchef saga (good on hungryepicurean for apologising for his role in the drama), there is a certain aspect that nags my conscience more than anything.

When Yahoo! Singapore News reported the matter here, there was a flurry of comments from the community - ranging from expressing plain disgust of his alleged actions to an outcry for his blood.

Now drama is drama and as human beings, we are unfortunately attracted to the misfortunes of others. But a single comment made my blood run ice cold - a comment with nothing besides ladyironchef's personal details. Someone somewhere decided that they would find and share this private information with the entire world. To what end, we might never know, but I can only think their purpose was to instigate and encourage some of the more passionate outcriers to make real their threats for ladyironchef's life.

pseudomanitou's most recent post ...curious juxtaposition... Is Anon the new 'Big Brother'? couldn't have come at a better time. His example may be different, but the question is the same. Read it and join the discussion, cuz while I haven't commented yet, I am curious to read what you and others think of this new world order.
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