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How we got an iPad 
18th-Aug-2010 08:59 pm
One of the hazards of marrying a geek is having to contend with their obsession for the latest shiny device whatever genius in some corporation out there develops. If it's new, shiny and techy, he'll want it to some varying degree. Many of the SO and my conversations go something like this:

The SO: "Oh, sweetie! Check this out!"
night_child80: "... what..."
The SO: "They've just released the iWhateverGadget!"
night_child80: "No."
The SO: "No what?"
night_child80: "No, you cannot have it."
The SO: "Urgh, I didn't say I wanted it."
night_child80: *looks at him over the rim of my glasses*
The SO: *grumbles and mutters*

When the iPad was announced, I steeled myself for the psychological warfare that would undoubtedly rear itself with the SO about how he should possess one.

And it didn't come. Not immediately anyway. The SO opted to reject the iPad in favour of the JooJoo. He researched, he paid, he waited, he received, he played, he programmed and he broke it. Granted just a portion of the screen, because he thought his lap would fit a full-sized keyboard and the JooJoo at the same time. Not terribly bright, eh?

But after playing with the iPad some weeks ago, the SO finally decided he really needed one.

And I really didn't want him to get one.

See the problem?

So we struck a deal: get rid of his iPod Touch before getting an iPad.

Rationale: he gets some (little) money off the sale of iPod and I wouldn't see one more piece of tech on his desk/bag. And if he couldn't sell it, he doesn't get an iPad. It was this latter scenario I was hoping for, since the iPod Touch is pretty old technology. But as it turns out, people still want old tech - the SO got rid of his iPod and got himself an iPad this afternoon.

That is how we got an iPad. And I say 'we', not 'he', because I have installed Godfinger and Blacksheep for myself.

Oh, and Adobe Ideas.

That said, I'll try not to kidnap the SO's new toy. 'Try' being the operative word, of course, seeing as I'm a closet geek. Just shhhh... don't tell anyone.
18th-Aug-2010 12:25 pm (UTC)
Heh, I resolved that problem by just staying poor. :)
19th-Aug-2010 02:52 am (UTC)
When I didn't have a job, we would have HUGE arguements when the SO even thought about getting a new toy, cuz I was worried sick about having enough money to buy groceries. It was not a happy time.
19th-Aug-2010 01:32 pm (UTC)
You were unemployed, but you were trying to save money and be financialy responsible? I wish I arguments like that. That's good that you know how to prioritize.
If/When you have kid(s), teach 'em that skill early. :)

Edited at 2010-08-19 01:33 pm (UTC)
18th-Aug-2010 01:30 pm (UTC)
congrats XD
19th-Aug-2010 02:53 am (UTC)
Not much to congratulate, since I've lost the SO to another piece of gadgetry.
19th-Aug-2010 10:31 am (UTC)
haha but at least he gave on 1 up for another.... comprise...

i saw and playd with an ipad iirl, was cool but i prefer the compact iphone 3gs
19th-Aug-2010 03:07 am (UTC)
*insert Yoda quote here*

I'd love an upgrade to a Mac mini or a Macbook, these days.
21st-Aug-2010 04:16 am (UTC)
Wouldn't be able to live without my Macbook. It's a good buy.
23rd-Aug-2010 07:09 am (UTC)

Ipad wins again!

What's your nik on Godfinger. I can has friendz?
26th-Aug-2010 11:12 pm (UTC)
I've actually been visiting your planet and trying to enchant your minions. Think my nick is the same as this one, but with the SO hogging it, I rarely get the chance to rule my planet.
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