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So when are you planning to have kids?

The SO and I have been together since 2002 (read: a bloody long time) and now married for the closing of 3 years now (read: holy shit! Has time flown that fast?!).

Now I know that after the first year of marriage, a couple can quite ordinarily expect people (especially relatives) to start asking 'so when are you planning to have kids?'. This is common practice amongst Chinese families in particular, one that I get quite annoyed with and depending on my mood at the time, may respond with the non-committal and simple 'no' or the ruder yet highly satisfying 'no, but we're having sex, thanks for asking'.

However I do not expect this from the Mumster. It's come to the point that if I make a phone call to the parentals (every other week or so), the very first thing she'll ask is if I'm calling with 'good news' (and she'll be saying it with the inverted commas too).

My knee-jerk reaction is to roll my eyes, grit my teeth and reply with: "No, I just missed you guys, so thought I would call. If I am, you'll be the first to know."

So let me put it out there in a 'radical' attempt to answer as many people out there who are curious about it, so they'll ask some other personal and invasive question:
  1. Yes, we do want kids, and;
  2. no, we don't know when we'll be blessed with one.

We can't exactly plan it, due to my highly irregular cycles (courtesy of mentioned Mumster) and we kinda like the whole SURPRISE! thing.

Besides, the very last thing I want to do is stress about it to the point of making sex a chore. Cuz you know, it really should remain a fun extra-curricular activity. (^___^)
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