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The fog

Waking up Friday morning to a blanket of white deserves 2 responses.

a. Holy cow! This is awesome!

b. Holy shit! Things are going to come jumping out of the fog to KILL us!!!

Obviously I'm showing my age if I'm referencing a not-that-obscure-right?! 80s horror flick. But it scared the beejezus out of me when I was a kid, so it had my heart thumping a little harder and I held the SO's hand a little tighter as we left home to go to work.

And to make things worse - I left my mobile at home.

So if I was going to be attacked, I wouldn't be able to make screaming calls to emergency services. Or fling the device at my attacker. Not that has ever helped a 'hapless' victim, but they never seem to have good aim or put in enough kinetic energy to make a throw hurt in movies. Have you ever been hit by a pretty solid projectile? Did it hurt? I'll bet it did.

The fog caused some disruptions, including shutting down the Citycats and the airport. But it certainly didn't stop some drivers from driving like maniacs. Slow down, stupid.

But whatever disruptions the SO and I experienced, was nothing to this poor colleague, who had to share his pain with the greater community via the social email network.

A strategy for those who have trouble getting going in the morning:

1. Live relatively near the sea, a bayside suburb not too many miles from the port.

2. Arrange with the deity or natural system of your choice to cover the bay in fog

3. Let the ship's captains do the rest

We are at the southern tip of redcliffe on the bay side. We had very audible foghorns going at intervals of a few minutes from about 6:30AM. This is a real cognitive disconnect, but eventually you conclude that yes, they are actually blasting foghorns repeatedly and perhaps there might be some fog out there. There was...

But trust me, the foghorns work well.

Thankfully the sun drove the rest of the fog by mid-morning.
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