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Brisbane French Festival @ Southbank

It's been a decade since I was roaming the streets of Paris, Strasbourg, San Remo and Cannes, side by side with my fellow French language classmates. That experience has seared its colour, aromas and textures in my memory and till this day, I can remember in vivid detail the food we were offered at school lunches, the architecture around us and the late nights perched on the window sill of the unisex hostel bathroom, looking out over the shadowy rooftops.

Brisbane French Festival became a chance for me to touch a mirage of that place and time.

We went early at 10:30am after our grocery trip to the markets,
knowing the festival will undoubtedly attract fierce crowds
and I wanted a chance to explore the offerings before being forced out by the wave of people.

Shabby chic apparently seemed the central theme for a number of stalls.
But I wasn't particularly attracted to any items.

The SO saw these guys first and called them 'The French Foreign Legion',
which made me giggle.
They even had 2 little girls dressed in period country dress.

Ah, baguettes.
A student's cafe staple, right next there with croque monsieurs et madames.
Their offering here included jambon (ham), saucisson (sausage) and fromage (cheese).
I was thrlled I could still read the French signs! (^0^)/

But it was Twist n Roll's macarons that most excited me.
Look at the pretty colours!
Unfortunately the line for them was ridiculously long.

Since making la soupe à l'oignon (onion soup) at home,
I refuse to buy the stuff now.
It's too dead easy to make!

But it is French Sin that I desperately wanted.
I've tasted their pastries before and loved it,
so lined up for 10-15 mins to pick up 2 criossants and 1 apricot danish.
And that came up to $13.50.

Unfortunately this time, their criossants left me disappointed.
Mine had uncooked doughy pastry in the middle.

The apricot danish was on the other hand, was lovely.

The SO refused to let me leave without trying the French champagne
and picked up a small glass for $15.

Not the best stuff I've tasted and made worse by the awesome sake the night before.
Je suis désolée, ma bien-aimée France.
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