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Is the motherland still 'home'?

On this particular trip back to the motherland,
I found myself surprised at how much had changed
and that I was no longer familiar with the landscape.

Things have changed enough that I have started questioning
if I still consider the motherland 'home'.

It was a late start to the day, but the day before had ended late and we wanted to keep things a little easier on ourselves. If anything, I had a hankering for nasi briyani and opted to hold off hunger pangs for a late breakfast at Tekka Market. There's only 1 nasi briyani stall I'll get my kick from and there's nothing like it - everything's been slow cooked together, soaking all those spicy flavours and I just about die with every mouthful.

That's not to say I wasn't able to fit a stick of Old Chang Kee squid head with chilli sauce later. :P

And some Indian sweets as well.

We tried to get the shop assistant to describe what each sweet contained,
but her English was poor.
Instead she would break off a small piece
of what she thought we might like to sample.

We were going to have lunch with purence in Toa Payoh, but as luck would have it, she was too sick to meet up.

Instead we went into town and tried to walk to the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort, but it started to rain heavily and we got stuck at Marina Square.

A late breakfast means a late lunch at Carl's Jnr. And a small one at that. Not that it mattered too much, but we did have to go over to sassystrawberry and HH's pad to give them their wedding present. Bulky presents to a wedding is a big no-no. And while we were there, she showed us this really nifty instant coffee brewer.

The SO was way too amused with it.

Then it was off for waxing @ Blush Wax in Orchard Plaza. raydance recommended the place after I lamented that the Strip outlet at Raffles City had disappeared. And the owner is very thorough. I was more amused that she had installed a DVD player beside the table, so clients could watch Korean dramas while hair was being removed.

raydance, the SO and I met starsthatshine and blue_meddy at Hong Kong Express in Far East Plaza to get manicures for the wedding.

The manicurist called the OPI green we chose "病猫" (sick cat) and we later learnt was a cow about it to friends who went there the next day.

By the time all 4 of us were done, it was really late and blue_meddy hadn't had anything to eat, so a quick stop at Old Town White Coffee and we headed our separate ways.

We on the other hand, had a late dinner at Upper Serangoon's Teochew porridge

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