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[Daily life] The weekend catch-up

  • Friday's Masterchef Australia masterclass is awesome! I have such a craving for duck (Roast Duck Breast with Wild Flower Salad and Confit Duck with Lentils) and crème brulee, but where should I look for a kitchen blowtorch? It's not quite your average kitchen equipment Woolies would stock.

  • If you played Diablo and/or Diablo 2 and loved it, Diablo 3's release probably seems like it's taking forever. So in the meantime, allow me to recommend Torchlight by Runic Games - the same guys who founded Blizzard North founders and Diablo.

    Everything about the original game is in there, with better graphics, familiar and new creatures and an awesome pet companion. And I gotta rave about the pet - you have a choice between a lynx or canine and they double up as a packhorse for inventory (and can run back to town to sell equipment you don't want and returns with the money). They can be taught spells, equipped with 2 rings and amulet for additional abilities. You can even set them to aggressive, defensive or passive mode.

    And it plays on Mac. *thumbs*

  • A trip to Bunnings saw us $100 poorer, but at least our BBQ now has new plates. Time to season them and break them in with something super yummy. Maybe it's time for a pizza night this week.

    Also picked up some car detergent, a pail, sponge and chamois. Guess what the SO had to do this weekend?

    Oh, and a new pair of camp chairs (cuz our last pair broke) and 2 pots of ferns: a maidenhair and possibly a miniature type that resembles nephrolepis ferns. Hopefully they'll do well enough for me to propogate them to put around the apartment. We could do with a little more greenery.

  • After an afternoon vegging out in front of the television finishing True Blood season 2 and Big Bang Theory, I asked the SO to come on a walk with me. We ended up at the Brisbane Powerhouse and caught some of their 10th year anniversary celebrations. I checked out the performance schedule and stuck around through the Last Dinosaur gig to catch Regurgitator.

    I giggled as we watched the tween masses disappear after Last Dinosaur finished their set, and the floor filled up with an older clientele. And grew and grew and grew. Every landing space on the 3 floors were jammed packed with people. At some point, the Powerhouse had security crowd control to prevent anyone from going in. But we were already safely tucked on the 2nd floor landing, overlooking the stage.

    And it was fucking awesome!!! Quan, Ben and Peter still know how to move a crowd and get everyone thumping and jumping to their beats. Hard to believe these guys have been in the business 14 years.

    And cuz "I Will Lick Your Arsehole" is one of my favorites...

    Unfortunately my version of iMovie won't let me export in HD, which is bloody annoying. This quality doesn't do them any justice, so if anyone knows of a good freeware video editor that'll work on Mac, point me to it, so I can put up the rest of the vids we took.
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