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Morning repast @ Punchat 
11th-Apr-2010 11:19 am

Because the hotel we were staying at is a little retarded (they only issued 1 breakfast coupon per room per day, which only 1 person could use), we were often left on our adventures with growling stomaches.

Which thankfully is never really a problem in Asia. Somewhere on Punchat, we stopped by a rustic restaurant, surrounded by fresh water ponds for a late morning repast.

I've never encountered satay presented on a hot plate, but it works and in Jakarta, the satay is less heavily spiced than its counterpart in Singapore. They also serve it with a thick dark sweet soy sauce with diced chilli and onion, rather than the more common peanut dipping sauce.

Beverages run on the sweet side in Indonesia, so we often tell wait staff not to add any sugar to anything (including fresh coconut). Unfortunately in this case, they said yes to not adding sugar, but poured in liberal amounts of sweetened condensed milk.

I decided that my body is a temple and didn't stir my tea.
21st-Apr-2010 12:58 am (UTC)
They have satay on hotplates in Aus too sometimes, but it's never very good here.... Kecap Manis is very liberally used in Indo, but not in singapore??? At home mum makes kecap manis + peanut butter mixed together :P Ahh, I haven't had much satay lately.. It was my ex's favourite :S
21st-Apr-2010 01:08 am (UTC)
I have never seen satay served liked that before, only on plates with kutupats and cucumber. And always with peanut satay sauce. It was an interesting difference between satay of Singapore/Malaysia vs Indonesia.
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