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Cooking 1 dish from every cookbook I own

One of my 101 things to do in 1001 days challenges is to prepare 1 dish from every cookbook I own. And the deadline is looming close.

So to help me do this, I have listed 1 receipe I've been wanting to have a go at from each of the books I own. Some I've already done, so they are hyperlinked to the LJ entry where I've shared that recipe.

And if I wanna up it a notch, I'll do my food magazines too:
  • Super Food Ideas Dec 2009/Jan 2010 - modified into Chocolate and almond biscotti
  • Super Food Ideas Christmas special 2009 - Sugar and Spice Stars
  • Super Food Ideas Oct 2008 - Basic pizza dough
  • Super Food Ideas November 2008 - Bacon, leek and potato frittata
  • Super Food Ideas April 2008 - Scones
  • Super Food Ideas June 2009 - Tuscan vegetable and bean soup
  • Super Food Ideas May 2009 - Pesto Polenta
  • Super Food Ideas June 2008 - Beetroot and carrot soup
  • Super Food Ideas April 2009 - Sausage stroganoff

Hopefully in all this, the SO doesn't explode from overeating. (^_^)
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