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Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ Chadstone 
22nd-Dec-2009 04:55 pm
You know they're doing something right when you hit the same cafe/eatery twice on the same day. (^_^)

We didn't get the opportunity to shop in Chadstone on previous visits to Melbourne, so after the brand wing opened (Gucci! Tiffany! Coach! MNG! LV!), we didn't see any reason to delay the inevitable.

And what better way to round off a few hours of window shopping with decadent chocolate?

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge is located at the Woolworth's carpark side of Chadstone's shopping centre, just after the stand alone Jones the Grocer.

Armed with black leather seats and red upholstered benches, the lounge offered a wide selection of handmade chocolates, cakes and sandwiches, chocolate beverages (hot and cold), freshly brewed coffee and tea.

But not wanting to spoil our growing appetites for dinner, we shared a Belgian waffle. They also come with 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream and/or fresh strawberries as add-ins.

The warm chocolate sauce is a rich smooth milk chocolate, which they don't just drizzle on - they drown the waffle in it. Which is just the way I like it. :p

And you gotta love it when a barista takes the time to be a little creative - a flower offering to put a smile on your face.

bankevair requested for extra chilli in her chilli hot chocolate, so they added an additional pinch of chilli powder and chilli flakes to the beverage. Perhaps not enough kick for a chilli guzzling Asian, but you can always ask for more if you're more of a dragon fire breather.

And after dinner with several new friends, we decided to go back to the Chocolate Lounge for dessert.

This time I needed something to cool down with. The weather here has been creeping up the scales from warm to hot to almost blistering, so a frappe was right up my alley. This little baby is chocolate chocolate chocolate - a PMSing psycho's wet dream in a glass. If you're in need of a massive cocoa hit, I recommend you down this drunk pronto.

The SO opted for the same in the more traditional hot cup. And for the more conservative, this is light and foamy, without the thick syrupy sweetness the frappe version touts.

For those are familiar with Koko Black's hot chocolates, you might find Theobroma's version a little lighter and frothier.

If you like your cheesecakes thick and heavy, this one's for you. Perhaps not for everyone, but after a dinner of dumplings and mapo tofu, this came a little too hard.

bankevair ended up hollowing out the sponge to leave behind the cream from this massive wedge.

And what can you say about strawberries and chocolate,
except that whoever invented the combination is a mad genius or a god?

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
Chadstone Shopping Centre
Shop F030A
1341 Dandenong Road
Chadstone, VIC 3148
Tel: =61 3 9568 6688

Monday - Wednesday: 9am - 5:30pm
Thursday - Friday: 9am - 9pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm

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24th-Dec-2009 02:05 am (UTC)
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