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The Penwrap Project (Part Quatre)

Edit: SOLD

Finally tweaked these to fit the fatter cigar shaped pens. Only one of each colour available.

Carry your pens/brushes everywhere while protecting them. Leave them out or rolled up, secured with the attached ties to travel. The top flap prevents your pens/brushes from slipping out when rolled up in your bag.

These wraps interior holds 6 pens/brushes (one with an extra wide for those really fat pens/brushes or a pair of scissors). And there is enough space in the quick pocket to fit another pen. It is perfect for standard pens/brushes (up to 18cm).

And just cuz I could, I've handstitched a decorative scribble on the exterior. (^_^)

Made from batik patterned cotton and broadcloth. Batting also protects your pens/brushes. This wrap measures 28 cm (L) by 19 cm (W).

Price: USD 28/- each

Shipping (Australia Post):
New Zealand: USD$2.30
United States: USD$4.20
Everywhere Else: USD$5.60
Tags: photo, sewing
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