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Carmen's art show @ Ric's Bar

A dear friend, Carmen Mak had an art show opening at Ric's Bar in the Valley Wednesday night. I haven't been to an art show since I left Singapore and therefore couldn't make it to any of lucentstreak's exhibitions, so this was going to be a treat.

And any excuse to hang out after work and show some support (with a little alcohol thrown in the mix) is fine by me. *thumbs*

Carmen's art is much like Carmen: cute, quirky and if you think too hard about it, might be disturbing, with shapes and caricatures threatening to ooze in multiple directions.

Well, the art does, not Carmen. Her bits are quite secure beneath her skin, thank you very much. (^_-)-☆

Perhaps the only drawback to the event was the existence of the band, who had a drummer that was out of sync, a sound system that had the drums too loud and the singer too soft, and a rather sorry set of songs. They might've been better for the later half of the night, but I had sadly made my exit by then.

So I only had 1 Corona. Pfft. I still had fun, what with talk of women and self-pleasure *eyebrow wriggle*, Nikon vs Canon (again!!!) and how sanitary pad disposal bins open automatically with handwave action. Oh yah, we ladies are SOPHISTICATED. 〜(^O^)

And to top everything off, in the light of the end of another week, we discovered Carmen's photo made it to the latest issue of Citynews' social pages.

Congratulations again, Carmen!!! (ノ^O^)ノ
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