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Japanese Cultural Day @ Mt Cootha

A colleague ripped a flyer of Japanese Week activities off a noticeboard to share at the office and my eyes zoomed in on the mochi-making demonstration at the Japanese Cultural Day at Mt Cootha.

Hell yeah!

So into the swelting heat at the crazy midday hours, we go.

Lots of pounding of the steamed rice.

Even the kids get a go at it, though with a smaller kine.

The finished mochi is then handed to the table for rolling in soy sauce.

I've never had savoury mochi and certainly not with soy sauce,
and this one could've done with more pounding to make it smoother,
but I liked it.
Yummy warm freshly made mochi! \(^_^)/

And yes, I pulled out our box of squirrelled-away clothes to wear my yukata.

But I still felt severely underdressed with all the gorgeous ladies in kimonos.
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