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Brisbane celebrates 150 years

Brisbane is apparently 150 years old this year.

Don't ask me to verify this fact. I'm neither that old nor native enough to know this with any amount of certainty, but hey! If the media says it is, it must be true. *cough cough*

The SO and I decided to have a peek at the festivities, which were scattered in arenas across the city and Southbank. We, being totally lazy bones, stuck to the City Botanic Gardens and lay on the grass beside the cross-cultural stage to watch the performances - Scottish highlander singers, Bollywood dancing...

But it was the Breakthrough Creative troupe came up that made me sit up and really pay attention.

Yes, I'm that much of a perv as I get older. (^_^;;)

And it wasn't only the men who looked like perfectly yummy-licious.
The women are gorgeous.
Maybe it was all the energy of the dance,
coupled by the sheen of sweat and panting after.

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