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Royal Queensland Show - Ekka 2009

Rather than fight the crowds on the weekend or the Brisbane designated holiday (Wednesday) for Ekka like we did last year, we've taken 2 days off from work to go on Monday.

For those who not familiar with this symbol,
it's for Sunny Queen Farms.
xenalvr calls them happy eggs.

Best decision ever!

We arrived just shy of 10am and the usual line to get in didn't exist. We walked right through and were shocked that we could comfortably walk around without being jostled like crazy.

We wandered through the exhibits and displays of fruit, vegetables, plants and animals - all the time wondering where the people were. Maybe it's because we weren't there on a public holiday or swine flu is really keeping people away.

But since we've seen most of the displays before, we decided to dedicate the day to food, drink and the dogs. (^_-)-☆

So while I brought us a packed lunch to avoid going crazy on potentially bad food, I pigged out on:
  • 2 Dagwood dogs
  • 1 Strawberry sundae
  • Nibbled on the SO's hot chips
  • Lots of food samples
  • A sconner of VB
  • A pot of Bundy rum and coke

And yes, it was a bit of a pub crawl. (^__^;;)
Which resulted in the SO purchasing 6 bottles of wine and port at the end of the day. But that's the SO.

One of the more amusing displays was the llama vs alpaca, and seeing them beside each other, the differences become apparent.

Overhead this conversation between a teenage couple:
Girl: "I don't want them to spit at me."
Guy: "Those are camels that spit."

No, my dear man. Llamas spit too. (>_<)

Showbags have become increasingly crap. They are bag o'craps. Example: $12 for a handful of fun-size KitKats. Blergh. This is our showbag haul, which - as you will see - is mostly food.

  • $25 showbag from the Chilli Factory:
    • 1 x 240ml bottke Funnelweb Bite (Sweet chilli sauce)
    • 1 x 190g jar Double Trouble (Hot chilli wasabi mustard) - this is EBIL stuff!!!
    • 1 x 190g jar Kangaroo Punch (medium chilli capsicum salsa)
    • 1 x 50g packet Thomas Chipman Corn chips
    • 1 x packet mixed chilli seeds
    • 1 recipe book

  • $10 showbag from Kenilworth Country Foods
    • 1 x 165gm Garlic
    • 1 x 165gm Top Dog
    • 1 x 165gm Smoked

  • $12 show bag from Dairy Farmers Family Value:
    • 1 x Dairy Farmers tote cooler bag
    • 1 x 600ml Butter milk
    • 1 x 600ml Lite White milk
    • 1 x ice pack
    • 1 x 170g Thick & Creamy Field Strawberries yoghurt
    • 1 x 170g Thick & Creamy Citrus Cheesecake yoghurt
    • 1 x 250g Coon Colby Cheese slices
    • 1 x 500g Thick custard
    • 1 x 300ml Thickened cream
    • 1 x 250g Sour cream

  • $13.50 sample bag from Barbushco
    • 1 x 10g aniseed myrtle
    • 1 x 10g lemon myrtle - can't wait to make a cheesecake with it
    • 1 x 10g wattleseed
    • 1 x 10g rainforest blend
    • 1 x 10g Dorrigo pepper
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